About Us

As an entity which found  form and functionality of its own in 2014, Goldberg Limited, which is a sister concern of Khanson’s Group had to be prepared to meet the challenges of a tech savvy population, an ever increasing demand for newer and better products and not to forget, an effective, customer-centric approach with a holistic business modality. Over time, under the far sighted vision of the CEO Mr. Abrar Rahman Khan, it has developed in exactly that manner, resulting in a state of the art 21st century brand name that customers can embrace with trust.


To uphold professional business ethics, deliver innovative topnotch products and services by simultaneously   maintaining quality and consistency. To establish and serve the fastest growing population segment of YOUTH; Who are destined to be the next Global leaders.



First ever company to launch luxurious state of the art Smart phones and tablets in Bangladesh.  The company’s vision is to be one of the pioneering smart phone companies in the world which origins from Asia.